Illegal workers to lose wages

May 21, 2015 | | Say something

Police officers question two men.

A new offence of working illegally without permission to remain in the UK could see illegal workers imprisoned and their property confiscated.

With the General Election over and a new get tough Tory government making its mark, the movers and shakers have been busy preparing legislation for the next session of parliament.

Amongst the proposals is one that might well look good on paper but will be a fruitless exercise.

The plan is to locate illegal workers and then arrest them for working without a visa. Not only will they face 6 months in prison but they will also have all their illegal earnings confiscated. So we criminalize exploited people like we did very ineffectively with sex workers caught soliciting.

Like sex workers, illegal immigrants aren’t working to build vast sums of capital. They are most likely to be earning just enough to subsist. Anything left over is going to be given to the shady characters that make their living by either recruiting illegal workers or facilitating their entry into the UK. One would have to be very naive to think that any further measure is going to make any difference to the number of people who will try and enter the UK. Indeed, it seems that the government wants to waste money on criminal cases and proceeds of crime investigations. What world do these people live in?

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